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Active Outdoors seeks to connect humans to their natural world using plants as the medium. Our wish is to build a culture of conservation through horticulture to educate people in creating food gardens for all life. 

By now it is clear that we need a different way, that our modes of existence are harming life around us and now ourselves. While traditional horitculture has provided humanity with many benefits, it has come at a cost (invasive species causing habitat collapse, plastic waste, fertilizer pollution, execessive water use, etc).


Active Outdoors seeks to blaze a new path in our relationship with plants so that we can give as much or more than what we take from our natural world. A path that can benefit humanity in a more comprehensive way as well as providing for other life on Earth. By treating plants as more than a simple means to an end, such as food or ornamentation, Active Outdoors strives to understand plants; that is, their histories, biologies, abilities, and relationships. This deeper understanding of plants, we believe, will set forth a mode of plant use that will go beyond the ends of traditional horticulture.

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